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Humantiy Watch

Your Worship, Councilors, fellow Citizens

(Speech by Elka Ruth Enola at Oakville Town Council Meeting on May 5, 2008) 

My name is Elka Ruth Enola. 
I am the Past President of the Halton-Peel Humanist Community.
The issue we are considering tonight is not about religion.
It is about inclusiveness.
It is not about legality.   It is about fairness.
It is not about tradition.   It is about current values.
It is not about numbers.  It is about ethics and morality.

Humantiy Watch


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In my thirty years as a practising psychotherapist in Canada, I have met many Asian and Middle Eastern immigrant men who told me that they were planning to move back to their homelands when their daughters grew older as they did not want them to be exposed to the liberal lifestyles and secular values of Canada. They were afraid that if their daughters dated boys, their honour would be compromised. When I pursued the issue to understand the psychology of honour, they told me that if their daughters did not behave properly, they felt a sense of shame because of the social pressures from their family, community and culture and to try to avoid that embarrassment they wanted to control their daughters’ sexuality. When I shared with them that such “honour” belonged to the dark ages of the past and has no room in the modern world they accused me of being too Westernized. I could not convince them that it was quite natural and healthy for young boys and girls to socialize with each other and date so that they could get to know each other and make wise choices about their life partners. Such men were totally against any education for their daughters about sex and love, as they associated that with promiscuity. Many of them still believed in arranged marriages and considered pre-marital sex a sin.

Humantiy Watch

Shades of Gray 

For Daisy Mangat (my little "sister")

 By Rachna Pannu

Look through the lens of right and wrong,
What you see is a black and white screen,
'Tis not truth, but perception,
Everyone is gray, a shade of gray,
We are pure and white only at birth,

Humantiy Watch

On Continuum – A Talk for Children* 

Ravi Sinha
Ph.D. in Theoretical Nuclear Physics From Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA

Let me thank you, the teachers, for inviting me and giving me this opportunity to speak to the children. And let me thank you, the students, in advance, for listening to me. You are very fortunate to have teachers who inspire you and challenge you to learn about and think about things that are simple yet deep, challenging yet meaningful. When Paramitaji asked me to speak about this topic – continuum – to young minds like you, I thought it is an inspiring and a challenging idea. And I thought, let me give it a try. I took it seriously enough to write down the things I have to say to you. Talking to children is no child’s play, especially when you have to speak on such a topic and have to do so in twenty minutes. I must be accurate, and precise, and honest, to the best of my ability.

Humantiy Watch

Think Scientific


Science is everything,
The way earth turns; the way you sing,
Science is a simple lever,
And the very complex weather,
Einstein was ahead of his time,
But still there is quite a climb,
Because science is like infinity,
There is always an inability,
To know all that there is to know,
So let your mind wander and flow,
Become prolific,
Think scientific.


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